Fresh Perspective


Who cares about freshman football? Probably no one right? They’re just rookies, at least that’s what everyone besides some freshman think. How are their lives changing as their high school football career kicks off?


Q: How long have you been playing football and how is this year different?

A(Joe Ekstrom): I’ve been playing since 1st grade and there is just a lot more practice.

A(Matthew McCormick): I’ve been playing since about 2nd grade, and you have to fight for playing time.

A(Julius Reynolds): Since 4th grade, it is a lot more serious.


Q: Who would you say is the easiest team to beat so far this season?

A(Ekstrom): Definitely Coon Rapids.

A(McCormick): Anoka.

A(Reynolds): Coon Rapids.


Q: What are your views on winning or losing? (Sportsmanship)

A(Ekstrom): Win fairly and learn from losing.

A(McCormick): Losing is hard because we’ve worked all summer to win, and winning feels amazing.

A(Reynolds): Winning is everything, do whatever it takes, losing is a disappointment.


Q: How would you describe a day in the life of a football player?

A(Ekstrom): Wake up, eat, school, football, homework, eat, shower, sleep, repeat.

A(McCormick): Football and homework, no time for friends.

A(Reynolds): Go to school, practice, homework, sleep.


Freshman players care about freshman football. Sure they get made fun of, sure they get told we are too young or inexperienced, but that only makes the sport more exciting. They get to learn how the game works and experience big wins for the first time. So look out for Ekstrom, McCormick, and Reynolds in a big leagues draft between 2020-2024.