[American Horror Story] Chapter One – Episodic Review


Joel Freecheck, Editor-in-Chief





In this series of reviews, Joel Freecheck and Emily Walker will be switching off each episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke (season 6), giving their thoughts on each episode.

American Horror Story went from a horror-drama to a horror TV show in “Chapter One”. While previous seasons usually revealed the theme a week or two prior to the premiere, AHS 6 waited till the first few scenes of the episode. Slightly Blair Witch, kinda Amityville Horror, and completely American Horror Story, Roanoke is the show’s scariest episode yet.

The theme of this show goes beyond its colonial-esque setting, though, as it is shot and edited in a documentary style that takes a minute or two to get used to, but is ultimately a worthy addition. It seems this season is gunning for long time fans to revisit the show and its new format, and after what I just saw, this is American Horror Story at its best.

Image result for american horror story roanokeOnce again the show’s reliable cast sets it apart from most genre tropes and other TV tactics. AHS is about its characters and their fight for survival in each twisted theme. Roanoke is already setting itself up as a throwback to traditional AHS and a call for new and compelling territory. The atmosphere is definitely more potent, which when introduced to the excellent performances by Sarah Paulson, Cuba Gooding Jr, Angela Bassett, among others, makes for a creepy and suspenseful hour experience.

The theme itself is barely introduced, but “Chapter One” clearly established the setting and the type of horror this season will toy with. Beautifully shot and so crisp to watch, Roanoke is set in an impressive environment and the director and crew took full advantage of that.

Season 6 definitely started off strong, unlike last season’s Hotel, and as an AHS regular such as myself, I’ll be hoping it holds onto the suspense and thrills developed in this episode.