Boys Baseball: Bengals Dominate Pirates 11:0


Jon Ababiy, Sports Editor


The Blaine Bengals inched closer to .500 with a 11-0 victory Thursday night against the Park Center Pirates. The Bengals, hot off a 3-0 win streak, came out with all cylinders firing, and it turned out to be too much for the young, 3-12 Pirates.

Bengal pitcher Kaden Elvidge started the game on high note and kept the Pirates off the board in the first inning. After, Sam Riola finessed the first base hit for the Bengals, setting the tone for a fantastic Bengal inning. The team got two runs quickly, then settled in as captain Tyler Reichenborn gave the team another run with an RBI.

In the face of Park Center’s pitcher’s wild throws, Blaine’s hitters displayed careful selection. Senior Sam Sonaglia hit a beauty through the gaps to bring a runner home. When on base, the Bengals used their speed to their advantage, turning singles into doubles and even stealing for home. The Bengals finished the first inning up 5-0.

Although he had some wild pitches, Elvidge continued his shoutout in the top of the second. The Bengal’s outfielders were to quick to react when the Pirates hit a ball deep in the corner. Good teamwork enabled the Bengals to stop the Pirates from getting a run.

The Bengals didn’t get anything in the second inning. Speedster Reichenborn did steal a base, but Blaine couldn’t get enough solid hits to get him to home plate.

Leading 5-0 at the top of the third inning, the Bengals continued to outplay the Pirates. Two weak hits by the Pirates turned into easy tosses to first base for Elvidge.

When it was Blaine’s turn to hit, they made their chances count. Senior Ryan Lust placed a hit deep into left field, setting up a RBI double from junior Lincoln Erne that sailed over the head of the Pirate’s first baseman. Later, senior Griffin Fussy, a University of Minnesota-Crookston commit, put brought two more runners to home with a line drive past the pitcher and second base. The score was 9-0 at inning end.

The Bengals exhibited good chemistry in their 4th inning. Elvidge continued to get Pirate batters out, and the Bengal infield made some key plays to keep the Pirates from getting a run.

Catcher Reid Conlee basking in the sun after the game.
Catcher Reid Conlee basking in the sun after the game.

Junior Reid Conlee started the bottom of the 4th inning right for the Bengals with a bomb to left field. Senior Kevin Fanning finished up for him with an triple that brought Conlee’s pinch runner home.

Ryan Lust also had an interesting hit in the 4th inning; he hit a pop fly that looked to have been an easy catch, but was dropped after three Pirate outfielders ran for the ball, but never actually attempted to catch it. The Pirate’s error helped Lincoln Erne get his third RBI of the night, when he hit a line drive that brought Lust home. The Pirates did redeem themselves with a double play to end the inning, though down 11-0.

The 5th inning was the last chance for the Pirates to deliver and cut the 11-0 Bengal lead. Instead, Elvidge extended his shoutout, denying the Pirates any runs.

The game ended in the fifth inning due to the 10-run rule.

Blaine played very well tonight. They demonstrated what damage they could do when they had great pitching and solid hitting. After a slow start to the season, it seems like the Bengals are finally in form.

The Bengals head to Forest Lake for their next game on May 20th.