What happened to good old music?


Courtesy of www.ranthollywood.com

Brianna Barkema, Featured Staff


Music used to have a great happy beat to it, the kind that made you want to dance and sing along. But nowadays, I can barely understand what they’re saying or not at all. What do they call it? Rap? More like headache-causing, eardrum-bleeding, intelligence-eraser. Apparently you no longer need talent to make an album. Look at this generation’s behavior, not all of us are terrible. But a lot of us make poor choices, which reflects on all of us. I walk into a store, an employee follows me. When I check my phone for any missed calls from my parents, I hear whispers “Look at today’s generation, always on their phones. They need to spend more time in the real world.” The worst is “Why don’t you ever go outside? You spend too much time on electronics.”, when I’m just busy doing my homework and studying. I think music affects our behavior. It can make us more violent or tired. Depressed or happy. Thoughtful or carefree.


    In the 1960’s, they sang about things they were passionate about and things that almost everyone could relate too. Happiness, love, and maybe sometimes songs on the bluer side (Yes, “bluer” is a word.) We went from The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Four Seasons, Frankie Valli and Elvis Presley to One Direction, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry. It’s absolutely terrible. Last week, while I was at the dentist, having my teeth picked and prodded at. I had to endure the tasteless music about drugs, cheating, and other things (Trying to keep it PG-13). Also, while I was making up a math test I had missed for an Alpine Ski Race, some teacher had Justin Bieber 16172341261_f41fa64b23_o“Baby” cranked up so loud, I could barely concentrate. It was like a customized hell, math and Justin Bieber mixed together. Remember that whole twerking phase? Today’s music definitely is the cause of that.

 Do you realize how awkward it is, going to the grocery store with family and a song about drugs and one night stands starts playing? Basically, “Where can I hide?”. Then what kind of music, do I listen too? I like the kind of music you can actually understand and mutter the words. The kind that are family friendly and I can blast my music loud, without my dad complaining about this generation’s music. But not all music from this generation is complete trash, I happen to listen to Vance Joy. His music is slow and beautiful. He sings songs about things he’s passionate about, that are not disgusting or inappropriate.  I’d like to give credit to http://www.jackvanzet.com/vance-joy/ for the image of Vance Joy. This website has a few other images of him in concert as well, if you’re interested. To wrap things up, I suggest at least invest some time in listening to 60’s music. Especially, The Who, Rush or the Beach Boys if you’re looking for some upbeat music. The Bee gees are pretty great too!