The Misadventures of Green Triangle-Episode 10-Ghost Hunt


Max Koop, BHS Blueprint Staff Member




“This is Ghost Hunt, you wet yourself then we find ’em. What can I do you for?” Green Triangle answers.

“You better come fast…” says a startled woman, “they’re taking my son’s soul, and he’s ginger so it won’t take long, just please hur–kchhhhh”

The phone cuts out all of a sudden. Green Triangle looks up slowly, stares at his men and says, “Boys, lets go on a hunt! Get your gear and let’s move on out, we gotta hurry!”

Red Cube and Blue Circle rush to their stations, equip their gear, and drive. All in a fashioned montage matter, of course.


“Already on it boss!” replies Red Cube.

They pull up to the house, rush out of the car, kick through the door and see the sight of horror all through the house. The doors are slamming, the curtains are blowing all around, and the floor is shaking rapidly.

“Mam, if you could please exit the house, we’ll take it from here.” Green Triangle leading the petrified lady out of the mess.

After Green Triangle leads her out, he and his pack start their journey to…the end of the hallway? Ok…The hunt searches each room accordingly. If they find any ghosts, easy, they’ll just take them out with their crouton packs?

I, Narrator Man break the fourth wall.

“Look, I don’t care if I’m getting paid for this, I will not narrate a spoof of Ghostbusters. Good day to you”

“Oh come on, we can work this out man, let’s just make a deal”

“Nothing will change my mind you stupid polygon”




“Look, I didn’t mean to sound racist, cause I’m not. I mean, I have polygon friends, I like to hang with polygons man”

“Oh really? You’re lucky you’re not narrating cause if your polygon friends are reading this, they don’t know who’s speaking and when”

“Alright I’ll narrate again” said Narrato–

“Oh no no no you had that chance buddy, we’ll find a new guy soon enough, but first we’re gonna teach you a lesson first you polygonist”

“Hey guy throw me a mic I’m gonna have to narrate now”

The Green Triangle saves the day of confusion by narrating. What a hero

“Hey Green Triangle we could use your help to teach this guy a lesson, and stop making yourself look amazing by narrating third person style” says Blue Circle, ruining all the fun, like he always does.

“GET OVER HERE!” demands Blue Circle.

“Alright, I’m coming” says Green Triangle.

Green Triangle slowly walks toward Narrator Man with his fists tight. He stops and looks at Narrator Man and before Narrator Man disappears forever, Green Triangle says “Hope you like whiskey, cause you’re never gonna leave the bars”

“What are you talking about?” asks Narrator Man.

Green Triangle motions two guys towards Narrator Man to pick him up. The two men start walking away then ask, “What should we do with him Green Triangle?”

Green Triangle looks back into the guys eyes and says, “Put him in the cage with Morgan Freeman”

“THIS ISN’T OVER TRIANGLE, I WILL RETURN, AND YOU’LL BE COFFEE FOR THE CAST AND CREW!” screams Narrator Man before he is dragged into darkness.

“That was pretty specific. How could he turn me into to coffee, I guess he could grind me into beans, but how are you gonna get me into bean form, serving polygon coffee to polygons is cannibal, so that’s pretty messed up” Green Triangle suddenly changes moods. “But he’ll never escape anyways, so why should I worry”

“Oh man, we can’t continue on now, we need to find a new narrator, and we need to re-write, I’ll do this”

Green Triangle prepares his voice to say:

“Will Red Cube, Blue Circle, and Green Triangle finish the ghost hunt? Will they hire a new and better Narrator? Will they go an episode without breaking the fourth wall? Find out next time on The Misadventures of Green Triangle”