Spectre Review


Courtesy of Sony Entertainment

Max Koop, BHS Blueprint Staff Member


*Spoilers ahead-You’ve been warned…

Awwww yeah new James Bond movie! The villain is Christoph Waltz? The guy who won 2 Oscars for best supporting actor? This is gonna be awesome! It’ll be better than Mad Max Fury Road and it’ll be the best Bond no doubt!

Imagine a fan falling into the dark abyss of the hype. When they’re falling they don’t know that in the end they’re gonna fall hard on the bottom feeling stupid. This fan was me. Having seen more of the most recent Bond movies and a few of the old ones I can say I am a fan. The last Bond movie, Skyfall is one of my favorite movies ever. I went into this one so excited and left a little disappointed. I didn’t hate the movie but it wasn’t very great either and I’m here to tell you why.

Lets start off fresh here. The opening scene was fantastic with great action including a suspenseful helicopter scene and showing off its dark cinematography that makes it a visual success. All the characters are great like Q and Moneypenny and maybe the best Bond girl. The Bond girl(Lea Seydoux) gave a great performance and actually helped while other Bond girls are just damsels in distress. This one kicked a lot of butt though and actually brought the plot forward. Bond’s relationship got corny towards the end which took me off guard and used the stupid “I love you” cliche, I still thought she was the best part of the movie.

The villain is barely in it. Christoph Waltz is a great actor and while he was great in the role and had a sweet introduction I wish I could’ve seen more of him. When he does show up he’s great, but I felt he only showed up when the plot required him. He was born to play that role and I was so pumped but ultimately disappointed that we didn’t see more of him. You see more of Dave Bautista’s character then you do the main guy behind it all. We find out he’s the man who ruins Bond’s life shouldn’t there be more of him considering he is the man behind ruining Bond’s life?

The opening song was awful. Although I hate Sam Smith I thought he would be the right guy for a Bond song but he messed that up to.His voice went so high I thought it was a duet for a second. Comparing his song to Adele’s is one of the dumbest things you can do. Ever. Skyfall is the best Bond song no questions asked.

I can’t go in depth about the action scenes very much cause they were very forgettable. I only remember the opening action scene and that’s it. Forgettable is a good way to sum up this movie. This is by far the hardest review I’ve ever done it is so forgettable. This movie was bloated with a 2 hour and a half runtime. I have nothing wrong with long runtimes but if it doesn’t keep you at least somewhat interested it seems very bloated. I almost dozed off I was so uninterested. Like for example Zodiac that movie kept me hooked the whole way through and it was longer than Spectre.

While Bond is doing his thing there’s a thing going on with MI-6 dealing with something I wish I could remember. Every time it cut to that subplot it was so off putting and forced in and totally took me off guard. This movie’s main problem was it’s script and it could’ve been fixed with a couple rewrites.

I wanna mention though it had a good way of tying into the other Daniel Craig movies and that is one thing I did admire. You don’t need to but seeing the other Daniel Craig movies wouldn’t be a terrible idea. It would give you a better idea about the villain and the group spectre but you don’t have to see the earlier entries.

Out of the few Bond movies I have seen this one is my least favorite. Some may kill me but I thought Quantam of Solace was still better at least I can remember it. I still am very eager to watch the other entries in this franchise even though they are very different from one another. I wouldn’t recommend this but I would encourage you all to watch the other Daniel Craig movies cause they are the 2 best(besides Quantam of Solace) spy movies I’ve ever seen. Those ones are time better spent than Spectre will ever be.

When I saw the trailer I fell into the abyss of hype and I smacked hard into the ground. I am a sucker. I fall for things easily if the trailer is awesome. It’s all up to chance after that. Hopefully the final product lives up to the hype but if it doesn’t, oh well I guess.

Say, in a month there is another movie coming out that is flooding with hype that had an awesome trailer. I hope it lives up to all that hype.