Amino Apps: What Are They?

Emily Walker, BHS Blueprint Staff Member


There is a new type of app that is being introduced to google play, and the apple app store called Amino apps. they are relatively new and they keep on growing and growing each day because the apps bring people together by a common interest.

amino-app-groupWhat is amino?

Amino is a type of app that is developing communities for people to write, make blogs, talk, join chats, make polls, and discussions about things they are passionate about. The app brings together people from all over the world to talk about their common interest. Many of the apps are for different fandoms and hobbies that lots of people have. It is similar to Facebook, but for specific topics that people like in common.

What types of amino are there?

There is a wide range of amino apps out there. The apps that they have out right now are for Dance, Dogs, Smash, Makeup, Harry Potter, Cosplay, Indie Gamers, MMO, magic, crafty, FPS, skateboard, science, Sneakerheads, OMG, Star Wars, Walkers (the Walking Dead), League ofjC7ia15Ibst4fFVOu_MJpWWsIgc12vtRwi-6KtDmaRNk5hLtUznB4Nivayt90uFPtss=h900 Legends, LOTR (Lord of the Rings), Bollywood, Swifties, Country, Comics, Supernatural, Pokemon, Sherlock, Wrestling, K-Pop, Doctor Who, Minecraft, Anime, Art, Video Games, Books, Food, Movies & Tv, Music, Pets, Photography, Toys, Amino Daily, Travel, and Virtual Space. However amino apps are constantly growing so it is likely that there will be more as the other ones get started off.

What do you do on these apps?

To start off everybody on the apps make a profile. After you have your profile made you can search for friends, make new friends by joining public chats, or following people that post things that you like. On your profile there is an option to add what they app calls favorites, here you can make a short little profile or description and add some pictures for things that you like having to do with the specific app chosen. There are also options to screenshot_2015-03-03-09-09-43make polls for people in the community to vote in, to make blogs about what is going on in the community and what you think of it, tutorials, stories, and much more! Discussions and questions for people to communicate through, and what is called the featured feed. The featured feed shows the latest happenings that are going on for your amino app topic. Make a good blog, poll, question, or discussion and you might end up on the featured feed!

The amino apps bring a nice community to the table for almost everybody with it’s wide range of growing topics for people to talk about with each other, to share their creations and stories with people around the world,  and to make new friends with common interests.