App Review: Hill Climb Racing

App Review: Hill Climb Racing

Tyler Antczak, Video Editor


If you haven’t already heard of Hill Climb Racing, you might want to get your ears checked because this game is not new, but has had a spike in popularity recently. This app I think deserves it’s good ratings. You start off with the simplest vehicle, the jeep, and the first map on the list “Countryside.” The game has currently 22 different vehicles, including a monster truck, tank, dune buggy, etc. The game also has 22 different maps with all unique physical properties. Like terrain types, and different gravitational forces. Like one map which takes place on the moon. Each map contains levels which are simply just distances, but the maps are endless runs. Each level you reach, you get a bonus. Giving you points that you can use to upgrade or buy new vehicles, or buy new maps. You can’t get bonuses from the same levels more than once though. Basically you just start off trying to get as far as you can without breaking your neck or running out of fuel, and the more you upgrade your vehicles the faster you can go and farther you can get on each map. I think the game is actually very entertaining and moves at a very steady and reasonable pace. This game is a big success and I think its well worth downloading.

Attention Span:                     85%

App Quality:                           80%

Sound/Color Quality:         75%

Entertainment Value:         90%

App Total Rating:                 82.5%