App Review: Alpaca Evolution

App Review: Alpaca Evolution

Tyler Antczak, App Reviewer, Video Editor, Site Admin


I don’t really know what to make of this game… Alpaca Evolution. Made by COCOSOLA, has also created an alternative. entitled, I Am Giraffe. Which is essentially the same game, but I will review Alpaca Evolution for today. Upon download, I was plopped right into the game with no explanation. The game is just a small little pasture, with a few doodle Alpacas roaming around along with my Alpaca avatar. Then I discovered I was supposed to tap on each Lama, and kill it. With several dead Lamas on the ground, what was I going to do next? I had to tap the dead Lamas to make my Lama eat them. This was disturbing, but it was not just the cannibalistic Lamas. It was what happened after I ate enough Lamas. I leveled up, and started to evolve and walk on my two hind legs while smoking a cigarette. Just so you get the main idea, each time I ate enough Lamas to level up the more disturbing the level ups got. Muscles on muscles, multiple arms, legs heads, etc. There were a total of 20 levels, each one more disturbing than the last. I sat and played the game getting excited to see what was going to happen next. I thought it was pretty amusing. The end of the game had a pretty extravagant happening,  but it just ended in a sudden, and then the credits popped up  along with summary of what I just had to go through. If I were you I would check this game out in the app store, and see what YOU can make of Alpaca Evolution. I will never look at Lamas the same way ever again…

App Ratings:

Attention Span:               65%

App Quality:                     55%

Sound/Color Quality:   75%

Entertainment Value:   85%

App Total Ratings:         70%