Blaine High School’s 12-Hour Play Project


Corrine Olson, Blueprint Staff


On Saturday, December 16th, a group of kids will be at up and at school by 7 am. Why? To put on a play.

The 12-Hour Play Project is exactly what it sounds like. The actors and actresses who volunteered to be in the production will not really know what they will be doing until 7 am on performance day. During that day, they will be cast in three different shorts at random, and have to learn their parts by 7 pm that night when they will put on the series of performances.

The shorts will be The Auditioners by Doug Rand, The Least Offensive Play in the Whole Darn World by Jonathan Rand and The Rehearsal by Don Zolidis. The Auditioners is about a set of kids auditioning for a play by giving a series of outrageously strange monologues, from a story of a boy becoming addicted to nutmeg to someone pantomiming that they’re going to have a baby, this short has it all.

The Least Offensive Play in the Whole Darn World is about how the only thing keeping schools from performing the plays they want to perform is the amount of insensitive terms and downright vulgar language used in them. In this, you’ll see how MedeaFrankie and Johnny in the Claire de LuneThis is Our Youth, Rent, The Phantom of the Opera and more are all ruined by the two creators of a script-cleansing machine going over-the-top with keeping the script rated E for everyone.

The Rehearsal is about a director trying to get a dysfunctional cast in order when they won’t do anything she says or even know what play they’ll be doing. It doesn’t help that the stage manager, Julie, is also running the rehearsal like the military and insisting that the children all do what they say or they’ll die.

If any of these productions seem remotely interesting to you, I highly recommend checking out the performance on December 17th to see these outlandish shorts and supporting our theatre department.