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What you Should Know When you go to NYC

Corrine Olson, Blueprint Staff

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Recently, some of my relatives and I went to NYC. I didn’t expect anything really new from the place, since I’ve traveled to a lot of different places both in and out of the USA, but as they always do, a change in the climate and scenery can never stop being normal.

We arrived very early in the morning and took an Uber to the hotel. A trip that should’ve lasted nine minutes tops, lasted forty-five. Thankfully, there was a lot to look at. The houses were close together and the shops even closer with people constantly walking to-and-from places when they have to walk a shorter distance than taking the subway.

A few tips to all of you out there planning on visiting New York City- there are three things you won’t be able to live without. Money for subway passes, a phone for directions and a hat, gloves and quite possibly a scarf because it got pretty windy when we went there and walking around in the cold is not enjoyable.

There are shops everywhere– and not being a big shopper, I was dragged into countless stores. Which was not that enjoyable to me, but even I ended up buying things and having a good time despite my normal dislike for spending money.

When you eat, make sure you have a place chosen beforehand, because it takes forever to find a good restaurant if you don’t have one and your means of getting to it already. On our trip, it took us around thirty minutes trying to get to Chinatown for some bubble tea and Asian cuisine, but we never got there and just ended up eating fast food. There are plenty of good restaurants if you know where to look.

For sightseeing, do not take a bus to bring you places. The streets are always crowded and the pace you’ll travel at is that of a snail’s. People in NYC jay-walk 50% of the time- if the car is not moving, people go, even if you’re not supposed to, and walk around it. So, travel by subway, walking or biking, if possible to get where you’re going. Also, have places in mind you want to visit and get up early to go there, because there are so many things to do and not a lot of time in a day. Of course, if you’re going to the Statue of Liberty, you can pop by the 9/11 Memorial and maybe see the Empire State Building afterwards (which I would recommend not going to the top floor, but the 86th because it’s the same it, but make sure you know how you’re getting back to your hotel when the time comes to leave.

And of course, there’s Broadway. The musicals and plays are excellent and I definitely recommend seeing a few if you go to NYC, but the tickets are always an issue. They can be $60-$950 depending on which play you want to see. Of course, the closer it is to opening time, the cheaper the online and box-office tickets will get, but the good seats may get worse and worse. Though, since all shows are amazing, it’s almost impossible to choose one if you haven’t chosen already- Kinky Boots, Anastasia, The Lion King, Dear Evan Hansen, Cats, Hamilton, Waitress… the productions that seem right for people who’ve never seen or heard a Broadway show are, in my opinion; The Phantom of the Opera, because it’s a timeless classic about a love triangle with catchy songs; and Wicked, because it’s a great show for the whole family and completely changes your outlook on The Wizard of Oz.

I’d also recommend going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History and Central Park. In Central Park, you can walk, bike, picnic or take a tour around and they’re all just as fun. It’s nice to be surrounded by green again after staying around Times Square for a few days straight, especially if the weather is nice. You can see the John Lennon memorial, Trump’s Tower (yes, another one), a statue of Balto the dog and the scenes that are a part of hundreds of movies and shows that you’ve heard of or seen, with a few of them being Spider Man 3, August Rush, Sex in the City and Friends.

During night, places like Times Square are even busier than during the morning. People dressed in costumes will constantly ask you for pictures and other holding signs will try to get you to go see their comedy shows with selling you discounted tickets. If you don’t want to do this, simply say no and walk away or they’ll keep trying until you agree to go see the show or take and picture or whatever.

So there you go, a quick summary of what you should know if you’re ever going to go to New York City. Good luck and have fun!

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What you Should Know When you go to NYC