Blaine Girls Hockey: Home opener against OPC


Autumn Graleske, Blueprint Staff


In the Bengals’ home opener on Saturday, November 18, the Blaine girls hockey team made an impressive win against Osseo-Park center.
The game started in favor of Blaine, as Bengal forward, Gabby Rosenthal, scored 3:14 into the first period. Rosenthal was assisted by Bengal forward Abby Jones. Blaine kept control of the puck for most of the time, presumably giving the OPC goalie a bit of stress. 13:27 into the first period, Blaine forward Abby Jones successfully scored on an intense breakaway, putting Blaine in the lead: 2-1. Then, 15:21 into the first period, Blaine defender Peyton Parent scored, with help from Blaine forward, Ramsey Parent. Things were looking good for Blaine, until 16:33 into the first period, OPC scored with a deflection into the net. The first period score was: 3-1, Blaine ahead.
Returning for the second period, Blaine got a penalty leaving OPC on a power, though shortly after OPC also got a penalty. After all the penalties were dealt with, and players returned to their positions, Rosenthal made an impressive goal 5:23 into the second period, again assisted by Abby Jones. 6:07 into the second period, Blaine forward Brielle Fussy scored a goal, making the score: 5-1, Bengals still leading. Ramsey Parent scored with 7:10 left in the period. Shortly after, assisted by Jones and Rosenthal, she scored again. With 5:05 left in the second period, Blaine forward Megan McKenzie scored on a power play, with a little help from Abby Jones. Jones then got a penalty, followed by Rosenthal, leaving Blaine with 3 players against OPC’s full 5. Despite the lack of players, Blaine held out for the rest of the period. The second period score: 8-1, Blaine still ahead.
The third period saw no goals, but was impressive nonetheless. Blaine continued to dominate the puck, while OPC continued to fight. There were a couple penalties, but otherwise, the game was pretty much over. After three well fought periods, the Bengals prevail, winning the game 8-1, making their record this year: 2-1.