Bengal Pride 2016

Joel Freecheck, Editor-In-Chief

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Bengal Pride is a group of upperclassmen dedicated to helping ease the transition freshmen face when they move from their middle-school to our much larger, more complex high-school. You can apply as early as the end of your sophomore year at Blaine, and actual involvement starts the following summer.

Odds are if you’re an or were a student at Blaine, you went to freshmen orientation. The day is filled with events and activities designed to help freshmen navigate and learn about BHS. Bengal Pride Leaders lead a group of new BHS students through the halls and into a random classroom so that they can participate in small-group activities and ask the upperclassmen questions on their upcoming four years at Blaine.

It is recommended that freshmen attend, and most BHS students appreciate how much the day helped calm their nerves before starting their first day at Blaine.

All photos taken by BHS Yearbook Staff

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