How to Ask a Girl to Prom 2013


Kjarra Balfanz

The puzzle idea in action!

Kjarra Balfanz, Editor


Be bold. Be cute. Be unique. Here are some ideas of how to ask a girl to prom this year.

1)      Go on the P.A. system during announcements and say something along the lines of, “Sorry to interrupt the announcements this is (fill in your name here) and I would like to ask (fill in other person’s name here) to Prom. If the answer is yes, please come down to the main office to claim your date.”

2)      Fill her car with balloons but in one of the balloons write “Prom?” on a slip of paper. Leave a note on her car either with car markers or a slip of paper that reads “In your car find the balloon with a special slip of paper in it. Find it and please tell me what you think. From (insert your name here).”

3)      During an athletic event (that the girl you want to ask is involved in) have five people standing in the stands during a break holding up poster boards each with a letter from the word “Prom?” on it.

4)      Make a huge banner that says “(her name) will you go to Prom with (your name here)?” Hang the banner in the front of the school or above the DECA Den.

5)      In bright letters on her locker spell “Prom?” down it. Wait at her locker in a fancy suit with a bouquet of flowers.

6)       Light up some candles and spell “Prom?” in the snow with the burning candles. Of course, this will have to be outside when it gets dark out.

7)      Does she like food? Spell “Prom?” on a homemade pizza or ask the delivery service to spell it in the pizza with pepperonis or other topping.

8)      Does she enjoy skiing or snowboarding? Have people along a hill each with a big sign spelling out “Prom?” on the way up the hill she will read the signs on the ski lift.

9)      Wear a T-Shirt with “Prom?” written on it.

10)  Have her put together a puzzle in the shape of a heart and when she finishes putting it together it will say “Prom?”

These aren’t all the possibilities. Good luck, be yourself, and may the best scenario get you a “yes”!

The puzzle idea in action!