Rating the Feeding Grounds of Blaine High School

Welcome to the chaotic jungle that is the Blaine High School cafeteria.

Blaine High School lunch table

Blaine High School lunch table

Danielle Spoden, Writer


No matter your gender orientation, background, or future we all need to eat. But the feeding grounds – the lunchroom– at Blaine High School is a scary place to be. Everyone battles to get their food first so that they can get the best seating. Some even take turns saving spots for one another fearful their seats may be taken otherwise.

But what happens when people take your territory and you or your group is forced to move? Where do you go? What area suits your needs best? 

Whether you need privacy, room for friends, or even just some extra quiet to hear your friends better over the roaring of other students, there are seats that will meet at least a few of your needs.

Round Tables:

Say in this jungle you want privacy and space. The round tables are best. They offer a personal safe haven where even if others join you at the table there is enough distance between you that you don’t have to communicate amongst each other. 

These round tables may also be a great place to stumble upon with a smaller pack. You can all join in on discussions in an easier capacity and you have the center space of the table to layout your plots for school domination. 

I most definitely approve of these tables not only due to the power they offer but due to the room they offer. 

In the wild, larger plots of land can make or break a pack. In the lunchroom space is invaluable. I find these tables best of all the lunchroom has to offer. 

Though all things have shortcomings, even these tables. If you have a larger pack than these tables won’t fit you all. They also come with the problem of no cuddles with you friends as the seats are so far apart. 

Barstool Tables:

Another good type of tables for small packs are the barstool tables at the back of the lunchroom. These are some fan favorites within the lunchroom being claimed almost immediately.

The best benefit of these tables is the view through the window giving you a taste of the world that’s currently too cold to explore. Another good thing about these tables is that if you only have one or two people within your pack you can feed together without having excess space or a separate pack joining you.

Though your group may have to adapt to the weather conditions here as the tables are relatively cold being under the heating-cooling system. These tables may also feel cramped surrounded by those at other tables but make you feel far away from those in your group. 

I dislike these tables for my group’s dynamics and often find them overrated. 

Long tables:

Now if your pack is larger or you just want cuddles the long tables are best. I love that there are no defined seats making it easy to be as close or far away from the other inhabitants of the cafeteria as you prefer. They also provide familiarity for many because they are the same style table many had in their middle school gathering grounds. 

The only downfalls they have are the high noise level surrounding them and that they are often claimed by large groups quickly. This means some packs may not get there in time to claim a spot. This in turn leads to them becoming one of those groups looking for new territory until halfway through an already short feeding time. 

I give these tables a good rating. They have many upsides that even out their few downside.



Counter Tables:

We are nearing the end of the cafeteria tables now as we get to the plugin counter tables lining the left side of the cafeteria. They are good for people who choose to be solitary rather than joining a pack. They allow you to charge your phone and eat in privacy as no one there is determined to start a roaring competition.

Though they come with a problem that has caused me to dislike sitting there. They are always cramped. Because of their advantages, cafeteria inhabitants push and cluster trying to claim territory there. The tables originally being there to block out others could lead you to be forced to congregate among others.






Booth Tables:

Lastly the cafeteria contains the comfy booth tables. There are very few and they fill up quickly but they allow you to imagine you are in a more civilized place in the jungle of Blaine High School. They also give your backs a much needed break after being caged up in your classrooms all school day.

Though they only truly work well for those with very small packs. They also make you choose who’s a priority in your group as there is only one booth side. Lastly they just aren’t very accessible. With how quickly they fill, inhabitants don’t even have a chance of getting them.

I feel indifferent about these tables. If they were more accessible I may like them more.




What Does This Mean?

The cafeteria has many tables and it’s all about finding what works for your dynamics. My favorite table, the round table may not be what works for you. Or likewise my least favorite countertop tables may be what you enjoy most. It is all about finding what fits but I hope this is a good place to start.