Knowing The Facts About How To Get In The Arts


Interested in pursuing the arts? Well you might be surprised to find out that in Minnesota, that’s is possible!

And whether you’re searching to be a dancer, or a music producer, it all starts with knowing the basics.

Many people are always surprised to find that there are many agencies and programs, that offer a lift off into the industry, right here in Minnesota. These agencies, and programs however, are not things that will just come to you, you have to go looking. Search for agencies in metropolitan areas such as Minneapolis. But that’s not just it, you also have to make yourself known.

Usually, while being auditioned for a role, or for work in agencies, one must have the required materials: a head shot, and a resume. A head shot is a simple photo of you, from the shoulders up, wearing nothing but a solid colored shirt. This is what a director, or agency, uses to identify you, and decide if you are the best pick for the job, without having to physically meet with them. The resume however, is not the average job resume that consits of your schooling and core qualification. This resume includes things such as weight, height, ethnicity, hair and eye color.

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All of these are very useful for people that are expecting a slow process into the industry, and many agencies in Minnesota are ones to trust. But always be aware of scams that happen to those who don’t know their facts. You are not ever required to pay an agency, or to be signed on with a separate agent. If any one of which asks for any amount of money, they are definitely a scam, the same for programs that ask for a certain amount for required ‘training’ to be a part of an agency. These are all things to look for, and be conscious of while pursuing a job in this field.

Keep dreaming, but be smart about it. Good luck!

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Knowing The Facts About How To Get In The Arts