Bruno Mars “24K Magic”: Top 5 Songs of The New Album

November 21, 2016


Since music consumption is moving more toward singles and albums are becoming more and more obsolete, the BHS Blueprint is starting a new column called: Top 5 Songs of The New Album. Here Joel Freecheck will pick his top 5 songs of Bruno Mar’s latest album “24K Magic”.


#5 Too Good To Say Goodbye

As the closing track of “24K Magic”, Too Good To Say Goodbye is a fitting finale for an album that straddled the line between 80’s and 90’s funk. For those upset about the lack of ballads on the album, this track is the closest you’ll get other than Versace On The Floor. Mars croons about a love soon to be lost, and the chorus breaks through the sorrowful haze the singer creates for a triumphant ode to commitment.

#4 24K Magic

(Lead Single of album, peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100)

A song fit for an eccentric mansion party, this lead single caught long-time fans of Bruno off-guard with it’s glittering synths and funky lyrical content. Some naysayers will call it an unwelcome change for the young Mars, but it’s hard to ignore the appeal as it comfortably glides through its runtime. If anything I’ll call it a sequel to Uptown Funk, which is hardly a complaint.

#3 Chunky

Reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s iconic flair, Chunky feels like a natural product of Bruno Mar’s new funk style. It’s Mar’s confidence that supports his new album and it’s most prominent in this dance-floor jam. Also, the female backup vocalist is extremely talented and adds a lot to the song.

#2 That’s What I Like

Cheesy lyrics and over-the-top funk are the highlights of this groovy single. The pre-chorus is as delectably as strawberry champagne (song reference here  😎 ) and leads to a vibrant chorus that forms into an irresistible earworm.

#1: Versace On The Floor

What’s a throwback jam fest without a 90’s love ballad? Bruno Mars is at his peak with this intimate track, stretching his vocal talents to their full potential and showing off the excellent production quality of his new album. One or two listens is all it takes to be wrapped up in next year’s most popular wedding song (you heard it here first) and the transition around the middle is euphoric.

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Thanks for reading, what are your favorite songs off Bruno Mar’s latest album “24K Magic”, comment below.

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