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Review: Adele’s New Single “Hello” is Spectacular

October 27, 2015


She’s back. On Friday October 23rd Adele dropped her new single “Hello”, a preview of whats to come in her upcoming album 25. It’s been three years since her last single, and it sounds like she is still in fantastic form. 21 was a spectacular album, it infused music from other genres and mixed it with Adele’s amazing vocals. 21 sold over 30 million copies and it remains one of the most popular albums of all time. Can Adele do it again? Does “Hello” live up to the hype.

Adele is truly back. “Hello” features the many aspects of Adele we love from 21 and 19. She nails “Hello” with her trademark powerful vocals. You feel your heart rush every time the chorus and heartbeat-like bass instrumental kicks in. She nails every note as she pours her heart out. You really feel her raw emotions in this song, it feels like a modern shakespearean ballad. Not everyone has had to get over someone or go through of a break up but Adele’s song strikes at your core, relating experiences that you never experienced. That is the one of the beauties of the song, the way she relates, the honesty of her emotion.

In “Hello” Adele’s role has reversed, In 21 she sang from heartbreak but it seems like this time she is the heartbreaker. Her lyrics are different because of this too. Adele is still heartbroken but not because of unrequited love but because she broke his heart and they might not ever be together again. She is sorry for what she has done but it might be too late and Adele grapples with this throughout the song. Her vocals hit their peaks and valleys much like the getting-over process. Adele waits for the phone call that might not ever come. She has tried her best and it is all up to to her lover. Adele wants to make amends with her lover but she truly needs to make amends with her self.
Everything that we love about Adele in 21 is back; the powerful vocals and raw emotion. I cannot wait for what she has in store in 25. If “Hello” is a good representation of what 25 will be, then the album will go platinum for sure. Let’s hope Adele can keep doing Adele. ??
-Jon Ababiy (IG:@lolmynameisjon)

★★★★★/★★★★★ 5 Stars out of 5

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