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Microphone not included with the stand.

Amelia Lillemo


I bought the mic stand for my brother. He wanted to use it to hold his mic for streaming on twitch and gaming with friends. He had an easy time setting it up at the desk.

He has a wooden desk from Ikea that’s just over an inch thick. The part that attaches to the desk still had plenty of space to accommodate a thicker desk. The mechanism that attaches is just a screw-on clamp. My brother did not use anything between the clamp and the desk. But for cheap desks or desks that you are concerned about scratching I’d recommend adding a piece of wood or heavy cloth because the clamp is fully metal.

The size of the mic stand fits well on the home desk and the Velcro that came with the stand keeps the microphone cord out of the way of the hinges. An extra feature that my brother enjoys is that the clamp has a hook to hang his headphones on. This keeps his headphones hidden under the desk and ready to use.

The bottom of the stand swivels for easy spatial adjustment. If you want to adjust it for a child or adult the stand has three different places that you can customize the height or angle of the stand.

My brother uses it daily and is satisfied with its function and durability. I asked him if there was anything that he would like to change to make it a perfect product and he responded sarcastically with “solve world hunger.” He has not had complaints about it, it serves him well, and I consider it a $40 well spent.

If you care to get this stand you can go to the Amazon link I have below where I purchased the item.

Mic Stand Amazon