J-Hook lifting straps and how they might allow u to pull more weight



J-Hook lift straps can be very useful. Many bodybuilders will use it to see what they are capable of maxing out at without being held back by grip strength. J-Hook lift straps are a form of lifting straps that improve people’s lifts tremendously by almost completely allowing you to not need grip strength.


These lifting straps have proven to allow people to lift 15-20% more weight. This allows you to completely exhaust the main muscle groups for a specific lift without allowing grip strength to hold you back, but on the down side your wrist muscles will not be used as much which means they might not develop as much.


Using J-Hooks for deadlift will save you from ever having another callus and you wouldn’t need chalk anymore. This means you won’t get rough hands and you won’t have to worry about lotioning up after a workout. This alone is enough to sell most people on the idea of J-Hook lifting straps due to the fact that a lot of people suffer from sensitive skin and calluses and irritation.