Profile of Abbey Gutenkauf


Breck Gutenkauf


Imagine going to college, working a part time job and still doing two different dance teams. That’s what Abbey Gutenkauf has been doing since her junior year of high school. Abbey did PSEo for 2 years while managing to be on the Blaine high school dance team and Northern Force Dance Company and also had a job at Something Sweet that she worked at 4 times a week. 

She has always been a straight A student and just a person that everyone goes to when they need someone’s advice.

 Abbey is now a junior in college because she took post secondary education her junior and senior year in high school. Abbey is ahead of her classmates at this point because she did PSEO. Abbey graduated high school with her associates of arts degree. At 19 years old, she is a junior in college starting the nursing program. She is the youngest student in her class. She strives to be the greatest. 

 Abbey wants to be an anesthesiologist because she “ always wants to be able to provide for her family and be able to still have fun with life”. Abbey is hard working, driven, dedicated and balanced. She is someone that sets her goals high and she is an inspiration to others. Her accomplishments are very admirable.