Ps4 Pro Review



The product that I decided to review was my Sony Playstation 4 pro. This is one of the 3 versions of the Ps4 that sony has released over the past decade but is now outdated due to the release of the Ps5. I will be reviewing this product because I have not been able to get my hands on the newest playstation but I have had a lot of fun enjoying my console.

I got my ps4 pro a few years ago on my birthday and I have enjoyed playing my games on the enhanced counsel. Before I had the regular PS4 but I gave it to my little brother. The two systems are quite the same when it comes to the look and feel of the user interface but the separation between the two comes from the technical performance of the ps4 pro.

The playstation 4 pro is the first console to support 4k HDR tvs. This gives the games a lot more sharp high definition look to the games that support pro mode. Unfortunately there’s not many games out there that have been optimized for these graphics so for the most part games run and look the same. One major improvement to the console is the 1 TB hard drive space which is double of the original Ps4. this is an improvement because now you won’t have to worry about running out of space when installing a new game or have to delete something just to have room for a game to update.

The ps4 and ps4 pro are very similar to each other; I would not recommend getting one if you do not own a 4k Tv because it will not reach maximum performance without one. Another reason I wouldn’t get one is because the Playstation 5 is now released and offers the same features as the ps4 pro with even more added features.