Overcoming Obstacles


Kelsey Huver, Staff Writer


After a two-year break from track, the girls track athletes are ready to finally be able to run and compete. Covid has taken a lot from their sport, and continues to affect it everyday. Last spring, with everything being shut down, their whole season got cancelled, as well as the other sports that spring. This was devastating to many athletes, but the current team atmosphere is joyful and grateful, now that they are finally able to be together.

So far the Minnesota State High School League has required mask wearing during practices, and the entire time at meets. Wearing a mask to keep everyone safe, is of course a priority, but running with a mask continuously is not an easy thing to do. The girl athletes are hoping the rules will change soon, and it won’t be required throughout the whole race.

Shalom Sulungaine, a sophomore, explained the different ways Covid will affect the girls track season this year. “Covid will affect this year’s season because of all the restrictions. Getting a PR (personal record) will be harder, since we have to wear masks while we race, and it will be different not being able to have family and friends come and watch.” She also said, “It feels great to be back doing track

Getting a PR (personal record) will be harder, [S]ince we have to wear masks while we race,”

— Shalom Sulungaine

in person. It’s where I can be challenged and I can work together as a team with other people.”

Junior Adriana Potts said, “My individual goal is to improve my PRs and become a stronger runner. The team atmosphere and social aspect so far has been very different.”

The team has also gotten much smaller from years in the past, but it makes sense why with everything that has been going on. With having no season last year, there are no senior captains this year. But there are still some strong junior and senior returners that are looking forward to an exciting season, and they are stepping up by leading and pushing each other to success. Even with the season being different, the girls are excited to be together and hoping to have a healthy, strong and fast season.