The Choice of Getting the Vaccine or not


Yegor Ganshyn, Writer


When an American pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer made a vaccine it gave hope to people that there is something to prevent the COVID 19 spread, yet there are still people that are against the vaccine.

Pfizer says that their vaccine is 95% effective but that still doesn’t make people trust it as much. When I asked a local pharmacy at Blaine why they think that people are against it they said that, ”A lot of people don’t like the side effects that can happen or just vaccines in general so it can prevent people from getting it.”

The only side effects that are known right now are things like headache, joint and muscle pain, chills, and fever. The next question that usually comes to mind is should the people still get the vaccine even with the side effects to which the pharmacy responded, “It all depends on your situation, it can differ depending on things like age and a lot of different things.”

When I asked about some more reasons why people would not get the vaccine the pharmacy said, ”There are people that don’t tolerate vaccines and can have dangerous side effects so yea, it is overall safe but it’s always going to be not safe for a minority of people.” Even though there is a small amount of those people they are still there, so you have to take into consideration that a small percentage of people are just not able to get the vaccine at all.

I also talked to a Lab Tech and I asked them similar questions. “The vaccine is not as investigated as other vaccines so people don’t trust it as much. People trust more vaccines that have been around for some longer time so I think that people just have to wait to see some results.”

That is something to take into consideration because usually people don’t research things unless they are interested in it. I also asked how would people start trusting the vaccine more to which she responded, “If people see the vaccine working more and more it will gain more trust, with that happening people also listen to their friends so if someone’s friend gets a vaccine and they see some result it will also gain more trust.”

People don’t want the vaccine because they haven’t seen the results of the tests for it, it just needs some time for people to see the ups and downs and decide.