Two Faced; a short story by Jake Pickett

Jake Pickett, Blueprint Staff


Two Faced

It was a hot day, a little humid but nothing out of the ordinary for a summer day in June. Jimmy leaned back on his rocking chair and moved swiftly forward to back.

“Pa” said Jimmy’s son.

“What boy” Jimmy replied.

“Why you always watch’n the land?” said the boy with just as thick of a southern accent as his father’s.

Jimmy was appalled by the nosiness of his boy, but without hesitation he sneered back and said “Son I come home from work and I watch the fields to protect you and this ass-backwards country of ours, because the city folk don’t know left from right.”

“But Pa what’re you protect’n us from?” Said the boy.

“Them damn illegals that’s what.” Snapped Jimmy.

“But Pa, my teacher says that they’re people just like us?” Said the confused boy.

Jimmy was shaking with anger and frustration, for he did not like the thoughts going through his son’s head, he believed that America was a land of the free; but only for those who were on the land legally, and he showed no sympathy toward those who weren’t.

Jimmy turned and looked past his boy and and into the house from the porch amongst which he sat upon.

“Erica grab me a beer before I put this boy over ma knee.” yelled Jimmy to his wife.

She hollered back at him. “We ain’t got none dear.”

“Aaah damn” The boy mumbled.

Jimmy’s eyes fell upon the boy. “What did you just say?”

The boy stuttered and said “Um nothin’ Pa, it won’t happen again.”

Jimmy got up from his chair, put on his straw hat, and turned to walk off the porch.

“Pa where ya goin?” asked the boy.

“Out with your uncle Johnny to get a beer, tell ya mother I’ll be home not too late.” Said Jimmy as he walked to his car.

Johnny wasn’t the boy’s uncle, he worked with Jimmy at the auto-shop. He was foreign but seemed to share the same beliefs as Jimmy when it came to how the illegal aliens were entering the country. Johnny was more of a drinking buddy than a friend to Jimmy; but every now and then he would go over for a Sunday dinner.


Jimmy’s car skid to a stop as he reached the corner across the street from Johnny’s house.

“What in the hell” muttered Jimmy as he saw four police vehicles scattered on Johnny’s lawn.


Jimmy ran out of his car and toward the house as Johnny was being hauled out of it in handcuffs.

One of the officers saw Jimmy and ordered “Sir you need to stay back”.

Jimmy yelled at the officers “What did he do?”

The officer turned and said “Mr. Jonathan Rider is actually Ricardo Hernandez.”

“What do you mean?” Jimmy spoke confusedly.

“Your friend is an illegal alien from across the border, he slipped passed the system….” The officer was cut off by Johnny as he walked by.

“Until now, sorry I didn’t tell you Jimmy.” Said, Johnny, as he was pushed by.

Jimmy took a step back and as he was about to show a hint of pity, he turned and said to himself “That two-faced bastard” and walked away.