Pepper Sprayed Protesters

Jake Pickett, Photographer/Author

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According to CBS News, Protesters near the Dakota Access pipeline, where allegedly hit with pepper spray as they made their way through waist-deep water; trying to reach the property owned by the pipeline’s developer.


Morton County was asked by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to help assist in the removal of any trespassers who stepped on corps property. According to CBS News, Law enforcement stated that the protesters were building a man-made, wooden bridge to get across Cantapeta Creek. Officials came out to say that protesters involved in the building of the bridge violated numerous federal and state laws, including, the Clean Water Act and the Safe River and Harbors Act.


According to law enforcement, officials told the protesters to get off the bridge and if they crossed they would be arrested for trespassing. The officials of Morton County stated that this was told to the protesters several times before officials took matters into there own hands.


Law enforcement was able to pull apart the bridge, but protesters still wouldn’t listen to the officer’s instructions. The protesters left the scene shortly before 2:00 pm, and returned to their main camp area, where they where staying.

–More information will be released in short time.


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